The Website!

2011-07-04 09:54:25 by maniacmark

Hey y'all, long time no post hehe.
hope everyone is happy and healthy and full of fun juice.
as most of you know who are fans or just click on the site to see whats on it for whatever reason, you will know that the site is currently down. i'm sorry for the inconvenience but while the site is down we will be doing some remodelling to it and putting some new content on it. so when it's back hopefully you will all click around that and show some love.
i'll keep you posted i guess... by which i mean i'll make a new post when the site is back up.
not sure when it will be back but hopefully soon. thanks for your time and patients, if you are one of the few who actually took the time to read this then you are a total badass. keep up the badass...ness... stuff hehe. talk to ya laters guys and girls.

(here is a picture of a Teddy in the back of my car for no reason at all)

The Website!


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2011-07-04 18:59:09

i herd u liek me XOXOXO

maniacmark responds:

... ?


2011-07-04 20:46:53

Whens the next david's adventures ive been waiting like a year now

maniacmark responds:

hehe nice to hear someone waiting for something that is not legend :)
wish i could say when the next adventure will be out. but probably not for awhile i am very busy these days which is why i don't animate much.


2011-07-04 21:13:54

Can't wait for the site to get back up. It was awesome before so its a guarantee it will be even better. Thanks for all the awesome movies.

maniacmark responds:

should be up soon


2011-07-05 03:48:39

What else have you been doing man? You must be busy as sh!t cause I hardly ever see yas or your bros online anymore. If it's something personal or just none of our business you don't have to tell me/us. =)
Keep it going, tho!


2011-07-05 07:19:43

teddy.. lol. yeah I think the site should be back up in about a week.


2011-07-12 18:28:50

Your videos are wonderfully animated and hilarious! Thanks for the laughs! :)

maniacmark responds:

you're very welcome ^^


2011-07-17 01:51:43

how about uploading some artwork comics if any.