The Hairy Trio FACEBOOK and Legend info

2011-07-29 11:49:31 by maniacmark

Hey y'all.
well as you all know our website is down. but it will be up in just a few days :D
so check in a few days it should be up :) thanks.
also we have a new facebook page for any of our fans that use facebook :D go and like is if you like lol.
Here are Various Hairy Trio Links.




Now for all of you fans of my Legend Series or Adventures. do not expect any new flashs soon. these days, I am very busy and do not have much time at all to make flash. i thank you all for the patiants you have had and for still supporting and liking my work. you are great fans.
I will still try to make more even though i don't get much time to work on them.

p.s: here is a little piece of trivia for the Legend fans out there.
Q: in the begining of legend 5, how did David awaken, after falling to his death in Legend 4?
some people may think David had a fairy with him, but the goron took that in the end of Legend 2.
A: he's just a total badass, with some serious will power. (never gives up)

BUT! where did david get his powers and extra strength? that is another story for another day ;)
Also just a quick Happy Birthday to Myself for August 9th and my Brother on August 6th


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2011-07-29 11:58:11

sorry folks the facebook link isn't working so you will have to just search
"The Hairy Trio"
on facebook, sorry for the inconvenience.

don't worry it's easy to find, it's got a pic of David as the Profile pic.


2011-08-02 20:50:55

Busy with college and shit or what? Just curious. You should really consider making this series as a job man! It has lots of potential for some popularity! So good luck!


2011-08-09 22:32:00

Happy 21st birthday, btw! Have yourself a beer! You no longer have limitations

maniacmark responds:

thanks. hey you know in Australia, no limits at 18 hehe.


2013-01-03 18:19:45

Snow in Australia at Christmas time? Latest animation was a right nice job! Loved the cars...
Awkward leaving this on such an old post, but you're still belting 'em out.


2013-04-25 01:47:17

Thehairytrio website's cool, but why is it displayed bottom up? Just needs a little updating of your newer content is all... Renegade looks like it's gonna be a balls-out series, even if the steering wheels are on the wrong side of the car :)

maniacmark responds:

hey man, thanks.
by the way the steering wheel is on the right is australia, where i'm from.


2013-04-25 04:48:27

That Renegade cartoon was fucking sweet! I was worried you faded from the internet! Thank god! Keep at it man! These classes I'm taking on animation are really paying off! We should make something together if you're interested.


2013-04-25 11:56:44

Just teasing a fellow colonial :3 You guys always seem to get the pick of the litter when it comes to car design and practical mechanics. Really stoked over what kind of story arc is coming our way!

maniacmark responds:

no worries man, yeah it's gonna be a fun ride!


2013-04-27 11:53:54

Hey, you gonna make any Chonte cartoons? I'd love to see what mechanics and tricks he'll have to offer. Anytime you wanna talk about cars, hit me up. Pretty much nobody else on here knows a damn thing about body shop other than the ones they fuck in. Ohhhhhh.